After graduating from the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) and studying with the
Chartered Institute of Marketing, I followed a long, (thorny) and winding path, before
I finally changed direction and discovered my passion for sculpting.

My work to date includes figurative and abstract forms, plus installations. Thriving on
variety and experimentation, I work with both natural and found materials, plus vintage
and household goods. One aspect of sculpting that I particularly relish, is that I find the
wide range of materials and processes keep me in a constant state of enquiry and
development – a perpetual student. This enables a rich, energised and exciting schedule.
Completed works may include a playful element or comment on personal and shared
human experiences and conditions. Depending on the concept, the sculptures are
sometimes infused with channelled emotional energy; for example, my large scale mixed
media work ‘Frustration’, which was created over a two year period and selected by judges
for the 2015 Bentlif Open Art Prize exhibition.

Influences include the natural world, architecture, flea markets, contemporary dance
and performance art, plus fashion photography; in particular, the work of photographer
Guy Bourdin. As a keen amateur photographer, I delight in connecting with both urban
and natural environments, the bizarre, the overlooked, plus textures and forms.

I have continued my professional development via learning traditional and contemporary sculpting techniques and processes. Recently I’ve been working on small scale mixed media images, plus finding dynamic ways to convey my own personal life experiences through three dimensional form.

* Bentlif Art Prize finalist 2015
* 4th place award (3D category) – Light Space Time Gallery 5th Annual Figurative Art
Exhibition 2015

* Tight Modern –   5 Jan – 25 Jan 2017         Haydock Library, St Helens, Merseyside
* Tight Modern – 26 Jan – 15 Feb 2017        Eccleston Library, St Helens, Merseyside
* Tight Modern20 Feb – 2 Mar 2017         Redbridge Library & Museum, Ilford, London
* Tight Modern3 Mar – 18 April 2017       Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth UK